What exactly is it that we're trying to accomplish?

We have set out primarily to create a community in which free software alternatives can be intelligently discussed. Every time we search for a piece of software, we're taken to places that list some free software shamelessly, places that allow the downloads of ill-described free software, and places that hoard our poor browsers with the worst popups and flash ads ever imagined. This is highly annoying and often leads to the conclusion that the search is too much work. The end result benefits no one.

Instead of letting the spam-ridden world dominate the free software business indefinitely, we thought, "Hey, why not write our own reviews, set up our own forum for actual people to centralize, and spare a few innocent victims the horror of unleashing an unstoppable virus onto their computers?"

Where did this sudden humanitarian inspiration begin?

It all started one fateful night when one of the creators decided to keep notes on all the free software he tested. He named a text file, "The Chronicles of Freeware Exploration." From this stemmed a blog created for a class project, titled similarly. This was just the next logical step.

The inspiration came from the deeply rooted hatred of paying for things, an abnormal fascination with Web page building, and a discontentment with current sources of freeware critique.

Who are you?

Right now our staff is just one crazy person with a couple people chipping in here and there. Nothing fancy, but it's a start.

"I saw an advertisement. You dirty punks."

Yes, we may have some ads littered about the margins. It's true. Web sites cost money, sadly. If you really don't like them, why not toss us some e-coin?